Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pranks and Mischvious Adventures

So this past week has been a prime time for my friends Liz, Tabitha, and I to play pranks on our friend Janelle. It all began one night, I believe it was Tuesday, when Tabitha and I were walking past Samuel to our dorm which is in Burk. We past Janelle's dorm window only to discover that it had been carelessly left open, patiently waiting the approach of evil doers. As we approached we discovered that Janelle wasn't even in her room. Here the fun began. Being the evil children that we are, Tabitha and I decided to proceed to place a large rock in her room. Once we had finished Tabitha and I returned to our dorm to wait for Janelle's outburst. Finally Janelle returned home to find the large rock on her windowsill and at that throw it our of her window. We still have the rock, which we named Pablo, sitting in our room, waiting for his next move.
On a later day, Thursday I believe, Tabitha, Liz, and I got into Janelle's room and "borrowed" two of her most beloved items. The items include a stuffed bear, lovingly named "Beary" and her computer mouse. Once we had these items we set up a scavenger hunt for Janelle to partake on in order to regain her beloved items. In total it took about 2 hours for her to reach her final area and be reunited with her loved ones.
We plan on making Thursdays our official prank day from now on.